Past Travels and History

1992 - Somewhere on Northern France

I'll use this section for pictures of the van 'in use', on various trips and travels since I got here in 1990 or so. Happy Days.

Peter and I heading off on another French trip - mid 90's

Camping mode!

Antwerp 1990 - this picture was taken soon after I got the van, on the water front of Antwerp, the Belgian city where I went to study design fro a few months. I had got the van for this trip - this is where it all started!

1992 - South of France. After graduating I set of on a 6 week tour of Europe - I wish I had more pictures of this trip. Here we are in Les Landes, down near the south west Atlantic coast.

I drew this map on an old bed underlay! I use it to block off the roof opening when the pop-top is in its down postition. It shows a few routes we did. The biggie is 1992. We went down through France, through the Dordogne, Biaritz, across to Monaco, into Italy to Piza, Florence, Venice, up into Czechoslovakia (as it was then) to Prague, on into Austria and Saltzburg, up the Rhine Valley and back to our friends in Belgium, before returning home.

Other trips include Scotland - here in the Great Glen at Innvergary.

Day trip - to Longleat Safari Park. Monkey's picked at rubber, wolves ate tow bar cover and pulled off wiring to fog lights!!

A familiar sight - FIRE in camping mode!

Another rusting hulk in Calais.

The camp site at St Malo (actually in St Dennis) has a stunning view over the Old City and Port. Can you spot our van?

Over looking the English Channel, which the van has crossed many times, I think above Etretat on the Opal Coast, Normandy.