Miscellaneous Stuff...

ATC2K Flash memory video recorder

Bean tin is just to give scale - it didn't come with the kit! About £65 in the States, about £120 (or more) in the UK - expect that price to come down a bit - doesn't come with SD card as standard.

Good selection of clips and straps - long rubber strap is for use on helmets, blue clip is for handlebars on a bike (or wishbones on a Caterham!) - USB leads, cable for connection to TV, silicon grease for the 'O'-rings (the device is waterproof to 3m) rubber pads and velcro straps - pretty comprehensive pack.

Rear view of camera - this unscrews to reveal SD card, batteries etc - lower clamp can be slipped off - this attachment snaps into the handlebar or helmet mount. Very eay to use.

The lens end of the camera - lens is very small!

Simple menu to control res, fps etc - displays film time / memory space / time etc

SD card (blue) and various plugs under end cap - also battery compartment.

2xAA batteries  - no idea on battery life yet. 250mb SD card records 7.30 minutes at highest quality setting. Camera takes a 2gb card for 60 minutes recording. Much longer at lower settings.

I think this is the microphone - under the lens. Very, very sensitive - needs covering or bypassing!

Easy to mount of roll bar.

Camera has no screen so needs to be 'aimed' but this is very easy to do - sight lines in the mouldings help. Lots of wind noise here obviously.

Alternate position on the wishbone!

Make sure it doesn't interfere with steering or suspension. Camera will obviously move with wishbones!

Screen shot of film from roll bar position.

Initial Conclusions (from Blatchat)

So - first clip was with the camera mounted on the front lower wishbone, as it was quick and easy to fix the clip. I only have a 250mb SD card to hand, which records 7.30 minutes at highest res (640x480 and 30fps) Camera itself comes with USB 1.1, but easier to remove the card and download through a card reader.

First thing that is obvious (on playback) is that vibration does indeed cause a 'wobbling' effect on screen, as suggested by one of the users on the web - this is obvious when the camera is stationary and facing something with horizontal lines (such as the garage door in this case) - blipping the throttle stops it, so it is only certain revs. This effect is also obvious in the second clip where the top of the dash is in sight (horizontal surface) - HOWEVER - I think that this effect is not as noticible when filming whilst driving, as the scenary is moving, so it just about gets away with it.

I need to play with the mic - as has been said on the web, the sound is rubbish, but then again it is right next to the engine or in the wind - might be fine on a mountain bike. I will try covering it, or maybe opening and re-wiring as suggested above.

Picture is ok actually - bear in mind the res is lower than some camera phones now. It seemed to cope ok with wet roads/bright sun, with only a little flare as it compensated.

I'll do some more testing when I have time - be interesting to see what it is like on track (smooth surface etc)

In conclusion - for trackday use I think it will be pretty good (for the USA price) - BUT I will be using it as a 'support' to my normal bullet cam - to get some different shots at the same time, say facing backwards etc. The image is not comparible with the the main bullet cam footage, but you wouldn't expect it to be.

I think for the USA price this is a fun gadget (£60ish) - its ease of use is fantastic - it really is just point and shoot, with no wires, and it will be great for 'wet' use - however, I would not pay the prices that the UK shops are charging right now - £150 is a joke, import tax or not - for that I might go a little further and pay £120 for a bullet cam and try and source a 2nd hand Canon MV500i for well under £100 (I only paid £120 for our Canon MV800i from Canon outlet shop on ebay) or another flash recording device - more and more are popping up.

Lack of wires and waterproof aspect probably make it great for watersports, muddy biking etc etc.

Two initial video clips on YouTube (which compresses the image more, so not representative quality) - I need to take some more exciting stuff, but these were taken with the camera 5 minutes after unpacking!!

1st Clip

2nd Clip

On the screen, if the shot is over a flat colour, you can see some 'dust' or something which is obviously inside the camera - this has been noted by other users on website reviews....